Who we are

Both the Dutch as well as the international film industry have existed since the turn of the previous century and have evolved ever since. In this day and age, the process of digitalization and the ever-increasing success of streaming platforms are ushering in a new period for movie exhibition. Organizations within the film industry (e.g., producers, exhibitors and distributors), should continue to anticipate such changes. This requires relevant information and research.

Film Research Netherlands is an independent research agency which helps organizations in the Dutch film industry to make reasoned decisions based on thorough research and analyses. In addition, we aim to update the entire Dutch industry on the latest (international) developments and trends by publishing think pieces and giving presentations for a wide variety of audiences. Our board consists of film- and media-experts, which is one of the reasons why our connections within the industry reach far and wide.

At the end of 2019, the Dutch Exhibitors Association (NVBF) and the Dutch Association of Film Distributors (FDN), both half responsible for Film Research Netherlands, jointly decided to stop the activities of the research agency as of 1 September 2020.

What we do

At Film Research Netherlands, we conduct quantitative as well as qualitative research. To conduct quantitative research, we collaborate with reputable and reliable national (online) research panels. Based on data from these panels, we are able to provide reliable information regarding movie consumption habits that is representative on a national level.

One of our main projects concerns the Cinema Monitor (de Bioscoopmonitor): an annual report in which we provide the Dutch film industry with an overview of the most important characteristics and viewing habits of the Dutch cinema-going population.

Furthermore, we conduct desk research and run various (online) survey research projects based on customer data to acquire insights into the motivations, needs and levels of satisfaction of cinema-goers. We possess extensive knowledge of current affairs and statistics regarding the (inter)national film industry. In addition, we have access to important data, contacts and sources (both national and international). In our office, we store a large collection of literature related to the film industry.

Most of our research reports are only available in Dutch, but we can inform you about the results in English (on request).

Meet our team

Koen de Groot

Research consultant

Joost Kamer


New Cinema

In 2019, the Dutch Exhibitors Association (NVBF) organized a conference on the future of cinema (titled New Cinema). The goals of the conference were to brush up on innovation in the field of digital cinema, to discuss international trends and to offer networking opportunities to film professionals. 

We were present at the conference and created a report, which consists of summaries of the various presentations and the audience interaction. It also contains statements from all speakers related to the future of cinema. This report enables readers (whether they attended the conference or not) to get a grasp on the most important themes and trends.